Chemistry 556

Theoretical Organic Chemistry

Course Syllabus

Bonding and Structure
Huckel MO Theory Semi-Empirical MO Theory Orbitals and Symmetry Qualitative MO Theory
Simple Huckel Calculator
Chirality, Topicity, and Symmetry Chiral Axes and Chiral Planes Basic Conformational Analysis Molecular Models


Writing Mechanisms
Basics of Writing Mechanisms Using "Curly" Arrows Elementary Steps
Mapping Stereochemistry I Stereochemistry II
General Problem Solving Techniques References for Problems Only Ten Mechanisms!



Nucleophilic Substitution Polar Addition and Elimination
SN/E Decision Tree Carbocation Stability Bromonium Ions Stereochemistry of Bromine Addition
    Summary of Electrophilic
Addition Reactions



Carbonyl Chemistry Aromaticity
Summary of Carbonyl Additions Frost's Circle Alternant/Nonalternant Classification
CH Acidity    


Nucelophilic Acyl Substitution Pericyclic Reactions
Summary of Reactions and Reactivity   Introduction to Pericyclic Reactions  


Problem Sets
Set 1 Set 2
Set 3 Set 4

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