Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry

My approach to this course is to present the basic techniques for writing organic reaction mechanisms, beginning with a number of ideas that apply to solving all kinds of problems. For a few of the advanced students, these ideas will seem elementary, and they are, but my observations of grad student seminars and comprehensive exams suggest that every student can benefit from practicing the step-by-step approach that I suggest.

Course Pages
General Problem Solving Skills Step-by-Step Approach to Mechanism Problems


Other Resources - Books
W. C. Groutas, Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Wiley, 2000 A. Jacobs, Understanding Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Cambridge, 1997
M. Gardner, Gotcha!, Freeman, 1982 (Solving puzzles like these is a good way
to work on logical problem solving.)
E. de Bono, Mind Pack, Dorling Kindersley, 1995 (More puzzles)
E. R. Tufte, Visual Explanations, Graphics Press, 1997  
Other Resources - Web
Problem Solving Aids from CHY 251/252  

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