Chemical Safety Information

This page contains links to the Department's internal safety documents and training aids, as well as links to external sources of information. These pages are always a work in progress, and may contain errors. We would be happy to have mistakes, or recommendations for additions, brought to our attention.

Although the internal documents are, of course, in many ways specific to our building and our Department, they may prove useful as models for other programs and departments. Feel free to copy them, or to link our site to yours as an additional resource for your staff..

Safety Videos Safety PowerPoints

MSDS Repositories
The New Global MSDS Format

Personal Protective
Storage of Chemicals
Disposal of Chemicals Reading MSDS
Emergencies Standard Operating
Guidelines (SOGs)
General Housekeeping Checklist (Things to Do)
Chemical Compatibility Table (pdf) Definitions: What do all those
acronyms mean?
Lab Inspection Form Chemical Hygiene Plan in .pdf Format
Safety Training Lecture (.ppt format) NRC's "Prudent Practices..."
ACS Guidelines for Introductory

Chemistry Laboratory Safety

ACS Guidelines for Safety in Academic Laboratories (pdf)
Recycling Electronic Waste Glove Selection Guide

(Courtesy VWR Scientific)

Table: Standard Operating Procedures, UMaine Chemistry Department Hazard Symbols

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