Barbara J. W. Cole


Cooperating Professor of Chemical Engineering
Cooperating Professor of Forest Ecosystem Science

Ph. D., 1986, University of Washington

Wood Chemistry

Voice: (207)-581-1188


[Dr. Cole was a Fulbright Researcher/Lecturer at the University of Aveiro in Aveiro, Portugal in 1991, and her excellence in teaching was recognized with the University of Maine 1995 Presidential Outstanding Teaching Award.]

Wood chemistry is a broad, interdisciplinary field focusing on the chemical and biochemical aspects of trees and products such as pulp and paper that are derived from trees.

The wood chemistry program at UMaine provides undergraduate and graduate students with a unique opportunity to study in a multidisciplinary field, which involves organic and medicinal chemistry, forestry, pulp and paper technology, chemical and environmental engineering, biochemistry, and microbiology. This program is the only such program in a chemistry department in the United States. Each student's program is different and depends on background and future career goals.

My research, conducted largely in collaboration with Professor Ray Fort, is described here:

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