Howard H. Patterson

Ph. D., 1969, Brandeis University
Inorganic Chemistry

Voice: (207)-581-1178

Research is being carried out in three areas of chemistry: photochemistry/photophysics, catalysis, and bioinorganic chemistry.

Photochemical-photophysical studies are being carried out on metal-metal bonded excimers and exciplexes in an NSF funded project. In solution or in the solid state, the d10 dicyanoaurate(I) and dicyanoargentate ions form luminescent oligomers. These systems can be tuned with the luminescence energy varying over 18000 cm-1. Inorganic complexes with this unusual photochemical behavior can be used to build solid state photonic systems. There are also applications in sensors and chemical assays using luminescence detection as well as nanoscale science and engineering.

Research is also being carried out in the area of catalysis. Metal ions such as Ag+ are being doped into alummino-silicate structures, called zeolites. These systems in the presence of light show photocatalysis in which pollutants are photodecomposed. Also, in the energy area we are beginning to study CO2 reduction with H2O in collaboration with scientists in Japan.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. One of the trace elements implicated in the disease is manganese (Mn). Previous studies have shown that high density lipoprotein (HDL) structure is altered with manganese deficiency. In our research we are attempting to understand the relationship between Mn and HDL structure. Fluorescence and NMR spectroscopies are being used to probe the different metal binding sites and understand the effect of Mn on HDL secondary structure.

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Recent Publications

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